Products & Services

We have been in business for many years now, equaling a lot of experience. We also own the premises from which we trade as well as the factory where we manufacture our panels.

We supply refrigeration equipment, namely cold and freezer rooms, and also undertake repairs to refrigerators, air conditioners , milk tanks, mobile units and more. 

We construct low cost housing as well as offices to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Situated in the Limpopo province we deliver nation wide, from Cape to Maputo, or from P.E. to Windhoek whatever your choice may be.

Our highly trained personnel and experienced sale team can assist in you in whatever solution you may need.

We also have been manufacturing the isolated panels that that are used in ripening rooms, store rooms for veggies, even tobacco ovens.  Any size and shape can be manufactured to your specifications and delivered or assembled in any part of the country.

We are PROUD to say we manufactured one of the largest ostrich egg hatcheries in the WORLD, situated in Grahamstown.

Specializing in display cases, with matching shelves for Supermarkets & Liquor stores. And our mobile products with or without cooling units, are very popular among hunters.

The installation of our products are done by our own personnel, thus we can GUARANTEE, the quality of the service and products we supply.

Our factory also have large amounts of stock which enables us to deliver within 2 days on any standard cold or freezer room.

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